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"fresh and off-the-beaten-path pop sound with clear, soothing vocals and melodies — all while telling a vibrant story of isolation and catharsis"

-Sarah John, Blended


Sabrina Song’s music is a blueprint for how to break and unbreak your own heart. Within a constant state of contemplation, Song works through overcoming self-doubt and boredom, long-distance relationships and growing pains.

She began producing her own music out of necessity, but came to love it as her confidence grew. She notes, “I knew I wanted to start finishing and releasing music and hadn’t found a producer to work with that I trusted with my songs. As time went on, I started to value production as part of the songwriting process. It really allows me to execute songs in the exact way I hear them in my head”. 

Song is a Long Island native, who released her stunning first EP entitled “Undone” in 2019. The EP set the stage to Song’s musical world, a Pure Heroine reminiscent suburbia landscape, with a calling dream of always wanting to be somewhere else while concurrently wishing to stay in the same place. On her recent dual-song project Twenty, the New York-based singer, songwriter and producer brings fresh introspection back after her travels to Berlin. “How to be happy while simultaneously unwell”, she muses on the first track “Fair”, as if designing her own tagline. Song’s music is an emotional ebb and flow between catharsis and loneliness. 

In 2020, she has performed in Sofar Sounds' Fan Favorite series, Tigris Stay In Fest, and Voyeur Festival. On Oct 23rd, she released her five-track sophomore EP How's It Going To End?, an exploration of the impact of past relationships on future ones, hindsight and instability.


Her new single and video "Thaw" is out now.






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